Project management

Starting with existing specifications, TECHNIWAVE is your partner in the development of your projects.

TECHNIWAVE will take on responsibility for your equipments feasibility studies in terms of design and simulation, for transform into functional prototypes, for obtaining all relevant certifications, and for their industrialization and production.

TECHNIWAVE aims to meet your specific requirements.

Our team will guide you through the different phase of development of your project.


          Analysis and support

Analysis and feasibility of the project :

  • Development of specifications

  • Development Strategy

    We will work with you to abstract the parameters that are most critical. Our designers will identify trade-offs, suggest ways to improve performance and help you achieve your cost goals. Then they will predict performances and tolerances that they will propose you as the best solution.

    Beyond the technological concepts TECHNIWAVE assist you in preparing your project:

    Security of your project and confidentiality agreement (soleau envelope, ...), Industrial Property, Compliance and Accreditation, patent..


    TECHNIWAVE takes place at all steps of your development: Specification, microwave design and simulation, electrical schematic capture, implementation and routing of the board, prototyping, setting, prototypes, integration, industrialisation, manufacturing.

    Prototyping type

    To validate your concepts, TECHNIWAVE offers different levels of prototypes depending on the project, in phase with the technological levels implementation.

    - Fast prototyping, functional prototype, pre- series

    For the management we guarantee high reactivity and excellent quality monitoring.

    We strive to provide simple and effective solutions in order to reduce the costs of implementation and maintenance.

    TECHNIWAVE has become over the years a privileged supplier of Military and Industrials Equipment and counts among its prestigious customers THALES Group, AIRBUS Group, SAFRAN Group, ZODIAC, ORANGE, CNES, CEA and the French DGA.



    - Design Methodologies

    - Customer focus

    - Innovative & adaptability designs

    - Capitalization, Traceability & Continuous improvement of know-how

    - Quality of Development process, Consistant quality

    - Responsiveness, Confidentiality, interpersonal skill

    - Delivered on-time


Listen, understand and anticipate your needs

News & Events

TECHNIWAVE has been successfully selected for a collaborative project including leading companies and research centers, such as III-V lab, XLIM, EGIDE, CNRS, UMS,... for a 3 years program (VeGaN) dedicated to communications in Ka, Q and E bands using advanced GaN technologies.

TECHNIWAVE will exhibite at European MicrowaveWeek

8th-13th October 2017


How to join us

35 Rue de Montfort

78770 Thoiry
phone : +33 (0)1 34843743

Techniwave is looking for partners for the uncovered countries.
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