Dielectric & Cavity Filter

We mainly provide bandpass cavity rf filter covering 500MHz to 26.5GHz with full product series, which features stable and reliable temperature performance, most optimized outer size and various input/output to offer customers the biggest convenience for system integration.

General Capability:

• full coverage:100MHz~26.5GHz
• passband VSWR≤1.2:1
• 1dB relative bandwidth:0.3~50%
• input/output impedance:50Ω
• number of sections:3~13
• average power: 10~300W
• working temperature:-45℃ ~ +85℃


Main design technology:

Dielectric filter, Comb filter, Hairpin filters, interdigital filter and coaxial resonant cavity filter

Features and advantage:

• 1/8 wavelength design, making the size as small as possible
• adopt flexible design plan based on the requirement on the structure and performance
• high suppression design for the low order extraneous passband, putting the extraneous passband 5 octaves away.
• flexible input/output type, convenient for circuit design and connection.


Some Custom design:


Dielectric Filter:

TM34F-1312-DL40M Dielectric Band Pass Filter 1291 MHz ~ 1333 MHz

TIX-2437P-66A86 Dielectric Band Pass Filter 2404 MHz ~ 2470 MHz

TM34F-2880-DL40M Dielectric Band Pass Filter 2859 MHz ~ 2901 MHz

TIX-3700A-250A34 Dielectric Band Pass Filter 3575 MHz ~ 3825 MHz

TIX-3700A-260A34 Dielectric Band Pass Filter 3570 MHz ~ 3830 MHz


Cavity Filter:

TIC-382.5B5-01 Cavity Band Pass Filter 380 MHz ~ 385 MHz

TIC-1292.5B155-01 Cavity Band Pass Filter 1215 MHz ~ 1370 MHz

TIC-2825B150-01 Cavity Band Pass Filter 2750 MHz ~ 2900 MHz

TIC-2852+5B95-01 Cavity Band Pass Filter 2805 MHz ~ 2900 MHz


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TECHNIWAVE has been successfully selected for a collaborative project including leading companies and research centers, such as III-V lab, XLIM, EGIDE, CNRS, UMS,... for a 3 years program (VeGaN) dedicated to communications in Ka, Q and E bands using advanced GaN technologies.

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