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TECHNIWAVE is a member of the Systematic Cluster and has been successfully selected for a collaborative project including leading companies and research centers, such as III-V lab, XLIM, EGIDE, CNRS, UMS, … for a 3 years program (VeGaN) dedicated to communications in Q and E bands using advanced GaN technologies.


Project objectives of VeGaN (Very Efficient GaN Amplifiers for Networks)


Development of a new technology of gallium nitride (GaN) for millimeter applications for telecommunication applications with satellites (SATCOM) and for very high speed "last kilometer" applications between internet networks and users (Backhauling).


 TECHNIWAVE objectives in VeGaN program :


• Propose a range of high and medium power Ka and Q-band products
• Offer not subject to final destination control solutions (No ITAR)
• Lift Technological locks :
§ 3 to 6 dB Increase of the output power
§ Improve the linearity and the efficiency (25 to 40 % instead of 13 to 20% by GaAs)
§    Perfect control of thermal behaviour, report and encapsulation components



News & Events


17 -23 Juin 2019

Paris - Le Bourget

TECHNIWAVE sera présent au  EuMW 2019

29 Sept.-4 Oct. 2019

Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles - 

TECHNIWAVE a été sélectionné avec succès pour un projet collaboratif comprenant des entreprises et des centres de recherche de premier plan, tels que III-V lab, XLIM, EGIDE, CNRS, UMS, etc., pour un programme de 3 ans (VeGaN) dédié aux communications en bandes Ka, Q et E utilisant des technologies GaN avancées.

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ZA Le Clos de Villarceaux,
35, Rue de Montfort

78770 Thoiry
phone : +33 (0)1 34843743

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