Frequency synthesizers and high power sources

TECHNIWAVE designs and manufactures sources for wireless communications applications up to K-Band.

Our sources are designed for specific applications : fixed frequency or broadband frequency agile using programmable phase locked loop (PLL) solutions are offered as either integer-N, fractional-N, multi loop using a passive or active loop filter.


To reach your requirements : Wide Frequency Range, Low Phase Noise, very good Spectral Purity, Low Tuning Sensitivity or Low Harmonics and spurious suppression; the sources use several kinds of oscillators (VCO’s, DRO’s, YiG oscillators, Cavity oscillators, Gunn oscillators,……………).


Some applications requires synthesizers based on DDS technics has some advantages (much better frequency agility, improved phase noise, and precise control of the output phase across frequency switching transitions).


  • Low phase noise and spectral quality

  • Ultra-wide band

  • High power output

  • Higher supply noise immunity

  • Integer-N frequency synthesizer

  • Fast hopping frequency


§  X-band DRO  local oscillator


· Operating Frequency : from 8 GHz up to 15 GHz

· Ideal for Ka to E-band module and multiplication sources up to W-band

· Low phase noise

· No ITAR restriction


*   Output power > +12 dBm

*   Frequency Accuracy < 5 ppm

*   Phase Noise :

           -68 dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz,

          -82 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz,

           -96 dBc/Hz @ 20 KHz,

         -108 dbc/Hz @ 100 KHz

         -121 dBc/Hz @ 1 MHz

*   Power Consumption 5V/ 70 mA

*   Harmonics ≤ -35 dBc

*   Environmentally sealed & EMI shielded (hermetic sealing in option)



News & Events


17 -23 Juin 2019

Paris - Le Bourget

TECHNIWAVE a été sélectionné avec succès pour un projet collaboratif comprenant des entreprises et des centres de recherche de premier plan, tels que III-V lab, XLIM, EGIDE, CNRS, UMS, etc., pour un programme de 3 ans (VeGaN) dédié aux communications en bandes Ka, Q et E utilisant des technologies GaN avancées.

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